Rent of Polaris Slingshot X-treme in Lanzarote

Today is the best day to try new sensations with excursions in Polaris Slingshot X-Treme, touring hidden trails and every corner of Lanzarote.

Xtreme Pices


***Min. age 21 years old & 2 years experience


Routes by the nature of Lanzarote.

We offer rides that are have enough excitement to astonish everyone, we know that your experience will be unforgettable thanks to the combination of nature and the very surprising routes that we organize through the mountains, beaches, fields or paths.

We guarantee the best result by renting a Polaris Slingshot X-Treme, perfect for tours on unique and picturesque places, driving with the guidance of our experts.

Lanzarote is known for being an environment with beaches of crystalline waters and fine sands, the best valued of atlantic and also known for the exotic freedom you enjoy when driving this type of cars in splendorous natural spaces.

  • Volcanoes
  • Beach
  • Interior

New sensations

Discover new sensations in Lanzarote.

You will feel new emotions and share your best resting days with your friends or family, walking in a sophisticated vehicle with 3 wheels with maximum control and a special design for road, always with competitive prices on your routes around the island.

Polaris in Lanzarote all year round. We rent these three-wheeled cars of two dimensions, and no doubt every tourists returns marvelled by the different ride our tours offer. Many visitors decide to ride on these tri-motorcycles with car like design to feel all the adrenaline brought by the Polaris Slingshot X-Treme.

  • La corona
  • Timanfaya

Another way to know Lanzarote

Service all year round.

Hire our service all year round and you enjoy driving with the sport suspension of 5 inches separating this vehicle from the asphalt, certainly an unexplained Polaris stance.

If you’ve ever thought of getting to know Lanzarote in a different way, with all the mountain scenery, you can enjoy this original three-wheeled car like no other.

We take care of everything for your safety, we provide instructions and the accessories for greater protection, so you can driving with the great stability of this race car.

Choose your route and start your trip around the island, you will discover unforgettable places like the natural parks, you can visit coves with very high cliffs, trails in the mountains, stroll through the city and the port.

ROUTES Polaris Slingshot X-treme

Tours: Volcán Tour, Grand Tour y Lanzatrike Tour.

Welcome to the most fun adventures, live unforgettable moments with the most complete service of the island and remember that you can choose routes of 2, 3 and up to 5 hours.

Experience Slingshot and never forget the sensations in the paradise destinations of Playa Blanca, Puerto Calero, Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen  and  others.  Our  personnel,  specialized  in  these  activities, accompanies you to explore this unique vehicle and enjoy the exciting walks in Polaris Slingshot.

We have the latest generation models on the market today, you can tour the open road in an aerodynamic Polaris with greater stability and total security.

Xtreme Lanza Trike – 5:30h

* Min. age 21 years old & 2 years experience
* Free transfer

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Polaris Slingshot
2400cc 183 hp
Manual Transmissions

Xtreme Grand Tour – 3:00h

* Min. age 21 years old & 2 years experience
* Free transfer

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Polaris Slingshot
2400cc 183 hp
Manual Transmissions

Xtreme Volcán Tour – 2:00h

* Min. age 21 years old & 2 years experience
* Free transfer

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Polaris Slingshot
2400cc 183 hp
Manual Transmissions

Lanzabuggy makes it easy.

Rent your Polaris Slingshot X-treme in Lanzarote.

We create the best excursions and make them available to everyone, adapting the tours to your needs without extra costs. We will answer your questions if you contact us to know everything about our tours.

Our experienced staff will dive you all the information without commitment, so you can choose to enjoy the Polaris Slingshot X-Treme in Lanzarote and its surroundings. We will happily recommend the most fun adventures for you, we manage the safest destinations with a touch of originality in these sophisticated cars of futuristic design.

Each Polaris Slingshot offers new emotions along the paths of the archipelago and, unlike motorbikes, they offer a different feeling that you will never forget after driving them. Remember that you only need your up-to-date driving license to ride on any of the models that you will find on our Polaris listing.

We offer an extensive list of services that includes guided visits to Puerto Calero or Playa Blanca, among the main touristic centers of Lanzarote, driving a Slingshot after a quick and easy rental process so that you can begin your route immediately.

We have designed tours around the island with special attention to beaches, coves and the special enclaves that thousands of satisfied visitors ask for, all with our exclusive service for demanding customers.

Choose living some hours differently, fitting your style with a plan to share short or extensive trips, among the crystal clear waters of the beautiful beaches of the archipelago.

If you prefer, we deliver the Polaris Slingshot X-Treme to your hotel or apartment and we pick it up from the indicated site, as an additional service that sets us apart.

In every corner there is a natural space that you can now visit while you make your trip in a different vehicle with the spectacular X-Treme shapes and designs for drivers who prefer an innovative alternative to roll around Lanzarote.

Excellence in all senses with a sure bet for discovering the most beautiful enclaves and resting on the beaches for a pleasant bath, next to the black sands of this volcanic island that always provides a quiet space to the tourist.

We rent at different times and schedules, we are at your disposal every day of the year so you can start your tour in the moment you decide to drive a spectacular Polaris Slingshot.

We provide all the facilities, means and instructors that will help you live sensational moments with our specialized customer service.

Our company is positioned among the first of the sector because we have all the models of Polaris Slingshot X-Treme and we present the most complete offer to rent a design to your measure.

Every year we incorporate new models with innovative style that many tourists admire when seeing them pass by the streets, beaches, roads or promenades, in addition to the inescapable ride through Puerto Calero.

Guaranteed fun in a three-wheeled car that leaves nobody indifferent, responding to  the expectations of drivers who recommend our service in the archipelago.