Quads tours in Lanzarote

Tour the most beautiful corners of the island with excursions in Buggies, Quads, Polaris Slingshots and Trikes, you will live unforgettably fun experiences.

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Quads Adventure in Lanzarote

We make the best routes through exciting trails and offer you an interesting alternative, so you will discover the essence of the island and views of the almost supernatural volcanic environments. We are dedicated to providing a complete service during your vacations.

Our package of routes and activities in Lanzabuggy Adventure  allows you to take advantage of every space with excursions for all tastes. From the beaches of golden and black sands to the surroundings and downtowns of our villages and cities.

You can now plan your days of rest and travel the roads, parks or coves of Timanfaya, La Geria, Yaiza..

Special tracks

You can go on specially designed tracks for the best planned tours, with all the information you need on this fantastic excursion.

Different itineraries

We cover different routes with this all-terrain vehicle and you can choose from different models, with different degrees of robustness and always designed to be totally safe with engines of 250 to 500 cubic centimeters and top speeds of between 50 and 80 km/h approximately.

Exclusive accesses

We know that tourists appreciate the stories of the city while sharing adventures they will never forget, some of them far from the traditional roads, to have exclusive access to the tracks of several mountains and other ideal destinations.

Hidden corners

Driving the buggy easily after the explanations given by our experienced instructors, you can set on route and navigate trough all the hidden places while understanding the operation of this vehicle that only requires a driving license.


It is not any other ride, you go on a new excursion of the highest level, driving this off-road car with important differences, from the high competition design of some models of buggies with engines of 800 c.c. and four-stroke cycles that have adjustable suspension with 4×4 all-wheel drive, to the simplest of our catalog on the Lanzabuggy Adventure website.

We make the safest routes throughout the archipelago, so you can have a complete view of the wonderful areas of Lanzarote Buggies. We organize routes of great difficulty if you chose a more complex experience, without leaving aside the conditions of total security.

Visit the mountain roads with Lanzabuggy Adventure,  discover admirable regions, where forests and landscapes predominate, and pass through different  environments,  hermitages  and  different  isolated  traditional residences.

We have a means of transport that pleasantly surprises tourists, who recommend accelerating and feeling the breeze of freedom through the most visited volcanic routes. Our friendly customer service is a plus to the quality of our service, along with the economic prices we offer.

Contacting with our company we will accompany you to know each place, now with the benefits of this activity requested by thousands of visitors annually.

Quad Tour 1 – 3:00h

* Min. age 21 years old & 2 years experience
* Free transfer

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Can Am
Outlander Max 650

Quad Tour 2 – 2:00h

* Min. age 21 years old & 2 years experience
* Free transfer

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Can Am
Outlander Max 650

Compared to quads and karts for open circuits in natural settings, our buggies provide a greater sense of freedom at the speed you prefer. In addition, all models are safe and prevent any possible overturning or skidding when turning sharply, because its center of gravity is optimally low and close to the surface, both on land and asphalt

In Lanzabuggy Adventure with our up-to-date models you can try the routes and cross the whole island, from Puerto Calero to contemplate the wonders that nature offers in this environment.

You can ride along, following our guide for the Natural Monument of Los Ajaches, Playa Quemada, Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen and other locations. With some terrains where you have the possibility to accelerate without problem and others, mainly through the rocky or complicated areas, where we recommend slowing down and enjoying the site with our Lanzarote Buggies.

Satisfied tourists
Organized tours

Lanzarote Quads Adventure Live the experience!

Our guides coordinate the competitions with professional instructors, without a doubt a main activity for the experienced tourists. We distribute gloves, helmets and accessories for these occasions, in addition to the briefing with

all the rules and recommendations to drive properly. Start a great adventure on the flat roads if you are a beginner, we help you during the adaptation to the quad.

For the rural areas, we also make excursions with affordable prices that will allow you to choose a modern alternative, enjoying the open air of the temperate days of the island. We present you with a fun plan, alternating the natural spaces with puddles, paths of stones and other difficulties to enjoy your vacations hoping to always repeat the experience of Quads Lanzarote.

Expert guides and very knowledgeable from all corners of Lanzarote

You ask any question to our specialized staff in Quads Lanzarote  and remember that we design excursions for large groups, company trips and travel agencies. We start our tours with the explanations of the expert monitor, then we begin driving on straight and asphalted roads, as a key element for everyone to get used to driving. Then we continue by land routes that take us to beautiful villages, where the vineyards, crops and fields are contemplated.

We arrive in Quads Lanzarote to the surroundings of the most visited beaches with turquoise waters and black sands, due to the volcanic zones where the island is. There you can swim in the sea or enjoy the gastronomy in the bars and restaurants. Lanzabuggy is the best option valued by the visitors, who recommend our special service of quads with budgets adjusted for all the pockets, varying depending the duration of the trips.