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Buggies tours in lanzarote

Compared to quads and karts for open circuits in natural settings, our buggies provide a greater sense of freedom at the speed you prefer. In addition, all models are safe and prevent any possible overturning or skidding when turning sharply, because its center of gravity is optimally low and close to the surface, both on land and asphalt.
You can ride along, following our guide for La Geria, Playa Quemada, Mácher, Puerto del Carmen and other locations. With some terrains where you have the possibility to accelerate without problem and others, mainly through the rocky or complicated areas, where we recommend slowing down and enjoying the site with our Lanzarote Buggies… just do what your guide says!

Special tracks

You will be able to ride specially designed tracks for the best-planned tours, with all the information you need about this fantastic excursion.

Different itineraries

You can choose between different models, with different degrees of robustness and always designed to be totally safe with engines from 250 to 500cc and maximum speeds between 50 and 80 km/h.

exclusive accesses

Share adventures you’ll never forget, some of them off the beaten track, for exclusive access to the slopes of several mountains and other ideal destinations.

hidden corners

After the explanations given by our experienced instructors, you can get on the road and navigate all the hidden places in this vehicle that only requires a driving license.