Trike rental in lanzarote

Tour the most beautiful corners of the island with excursions in Buggies, Polaris Slingshots and Trikes, you will live unforgettably fun experiences.

Trike Pices


***Min. age 21 years old & 2 years experience

Personalized routes

Discover the best corners of Lanzarote.

Discover the personalized routes with affordable prices that we offer and do not forget your updated driving license for the trip, it will be like never before in the most beautiful places in Lanzarote.

Drive this trendy vehicle and find the route that best suits your preferences face to the wind, we have all the options and routes and we also teach you how to operate the Trike easily.

We invite you to live the feeling of freedom in these vehicles with the most current technology, similar to the well-known motorcycles, driving a Trike with its sporty, aerodynamic, and totally safe design along our highways.

  • Volcanoes
  • Beach
  • Interior

Visit the volcanoes

Trike between volcanoes with the best routes.

Our proposal is perfect because of the routes and prices, as well as the advantages we offer. You can now take 3 occupants keeping the proper visual field during the trip and you will all share the best experience of enjoying the landscapes of this fascinating volcanic island.

Now, you can start your day with a Trike ride that you will never forget, then rest for a delicious snack when you prefer, and continue the trip swapping the driver if you choose so.

You can incorporate activities and choose the destinations with a personal touch, like selecting a tour with the best wine tasting, a barbecue in the natural surroundings of Lanzarote or combining these activities with a swim in the crystal clear waters of atlantic beaches.

  • La corona
  • Timanfaya

Routes from 3 to 5 hours

You can choose the travel time.

We present routes that last between 3 and 5 hours, you can also choose the time of travel with different prices adapted to all pockets for Trike trips.

We take care of all the details to improve your experience in our different routes in Lanzarote, passing through the best wineries and the most impressive beaches among the rocky areas that you will meet along the coastlines several roads.

We are the best Trike offer that you will find in Lanzarote with a comprehensive service, we inform you of every detail and we will pick you up at the closest point to your accommodation to live an excursion day that you will never forget.

Our Trikes with adjusted prices have the capacity for 3 other people in the ride, the driver must always have his or her license for this type of vehicle and remember that the minimum age to handle is 21 years.

If you have small children we remind you that they must be older than 7 years old and use helmet in order to ride. Helmets as a security element are mandatory, also for other passengers.


Tours: Volcán Tour, Grand Tour y Lanzatrike Tour.

Lanzabuggy Adventure is your safe bet this holiday, you can choose the most spectacular Trike routes that include the beaches of Lanzarote, views of the entire coast, villages and mountains.

Hop on and start your journey in these vehicles that capture everyones attention with their unusual appearance, mixing the design of cars and motorcycles into Trikes or tricycles, with all the comfort to drive through the enclaves of the archipelago.

You have the opportunity to experience each space on Trike, guided by qualified personnel that will accompany you to soar the roads along the coast, reaching even the highest viewpoints.

Lanza Trike – 5:30h

* Min. age 21 years old & 2 years experience
* Free transfer

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Rewaco 1100сс 105hp
Up to 3 persons

Grand Tour – 3:00h

* Min. age 21 years old & 2 years experience
* Free transfer

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Rewaco 1100сс 105hp
Up to 3 persons

Volcán Tour – 2:00h

* Min. age 21 years old & 2 years experience
* Free transfer

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Rewaco 1100сс 105hp
Up to 3 persons

Lanzabuggy makes it easy.

Rent your trike in Lanzarote.

Alternatives for all tastes

We provide our customers with all the available alternatives to offer a special day with a Trike. And, to achieve this, we make guided tours that fit all tastes and needs, remember that you can leave the vehicle in a certain place to go sailing, for example, we take care of picking it up.

We create a route to drive just 30 cm above the asphalt and relax in this ideal environment thanks to the tranquility in all the areas of the island.

Today is the day, feel the wind blowing and find the most amazing viewpoints during your walk, do not forget your cell phone to photograph every natural space and its typical villages.

You can finally visit the island with a new expectation of tourism, now in the unusual design and position offered by this means of transport, although they are individual and somewhat informal, you perceive a film effect in its front, while the rear reminds of authentic racing cars due to the large tires of these models.

We offer an unforgettable event for your days on the island, with Trikes that will take you to discover Lanzarote in a fun way and along the most original routes, you can choose a guided tour on your excursion to Playa Blanca, Teguise, Puerto Calero, Famara, Puerto del Carmen, etc.

Guides in several languages

Our service includes everything you need, from the instructor that will show you on through the roads while feeling the sun on your skin and discovering the magic of these tours, to the insurance required and a guide in several languages, al with alternatives fit for you.

Explore the atlantic coast like never before, taking excursions in our Trikes that, besides being easy to drive, will allow you to ride with your companion with maximum comfort during a very intense tour.

You can leave at different times depending to the guided tour and the itinerary that you choose, either by the road of La Geria, El Golfo, Charco de los Clicos, Uga, Timanfaya, Lago Verde, Los Hervideros, Famara beach, La Santa, Salinas Of Janubio, Tinajo, among the other towns and sights that you will explore.

We accompany you along these volcanic routes that cross the whole island between wine areas, white houses, lunar landscapes and environments located between mountains and dazzling natural parks.

We make brief stops to get the best pictures, for example, during the visit to the National Park Timanfaya, where you can also enjoy an original camel ride.